I’m the one on the left.

I’ve worked as a Creative Director, Designer, and Product Developer for umpteen years with big brands like Band-Aid, Cracker Barrel, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, MIT, The Washington Post, LEGO, National Geographic and a lot of other lesser-known companies, helping develop concepts and images that move, motivate, and teach. 
Nowadays, I'm Co-Founder | CXO at Phy. You can my full professional history on LinkedIn. I also have some doodles posted on Dribbble, When I see faces in strange places, I post them on Instagram, and I tweet as @chrisblanz
Specialties: Creative discovery, product development, identity design, brand strategy, and user experience. Although I prefer to work with professional wordsmiths, I do my fair share of copywriting too. 
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