Songbird Hearing Rebrand

UX & UI Design, Copywriting, Package Design, Product Photography, and Illustration


Adults who have trouble hearing but don’t want to pay the full price of a traditional hearing aid.


Show how life’s little moments can be enhanced with the help of a Songbird audio amplifier.


As interim CMO and Creative Director, my specific objective was to cut through the stigma that people usually associate with hearing aids. We needed to give them an easy way to hear for themselves how their lives could be enhanced with a Songbird Ultra help. I crafted the brand’s voice and image, then managed the development process.

The New and Improved Songbird

With a rich history of product innovation and customer service, Songbird had been around for a dozen-ish years already before the new owners stepped in. By then, it needed an overhaul and repositioning. Starting with the logo, everything about the brand needed to be cleaner, more friendly, and easier to buy.

Songbird Hearing Logo
Songbird Ultra
The Pitch

The job was to inspire. To show people that they can regain connections with the people they care most deeply about. Songbird enables conversations and empowers people to become a participant in the lives around them… again. This presentation set the tone for everything that came after.

Songbird Hearing 1
Songbird Hearing 2
Songbird Hearing 3
Songbird Hearing 4
Songbird Hearing 5
Songbird Hearing 6
Songbird Hearing 7
Songbird Hearing 8
Songbird Hearing 9
Songbird Hearing 10
Songbird Hearing 11
Songbird Hearing 12
Songbird Hearing 13
Songbird Hearing 14
Songbird Hearing 15
Songbird Hearing 16
Songbird Hearing 17
Product Photography

I photographed these clean, crisp images that were needed for each product and every accessory. No high-end studio here... these were all shot in my kitchen.

Songbird Hearing Accessories
Songbird Air In Ear Hearing Aid
Songbird Air In Ear Hearing Aid Batteries
Songbird Ultra 2.0

While some people may buy hearing aids so they can hear the TV better, they justify the purchase at a higher level. The “Hear here” campaign shows the appeal that amplified hearing gives in those precious moments shared with friends and family. Jim Erickson’s amazing stock photos were proposed.

Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 2
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 3
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 4
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 5
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 6
Songbird Hearing Advertising Hear Here 8
Web Elements
Songbird Hearing Website


Big, bold, modular panels were designed for seniors. ”Chunks“ of content were easy to scan and easy to read.

Songbird Hearing Website
Songbird Hearing Website