BKON Retail Illustrations

Beacons are small Bluetooth Low-Energy devices that emit a low-range signal that nearby smartphones can detect. These illustrations were part of a campaign to promote the technology and its use in retail settings.

Beacons & Eggs Illustrations

Take a D1 Beacon from BKON, add one Tennessee pasture-raised, organic egg, and you get an odd monstrosity perfect for promoting a breakfast seminar about Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology.

Physical Web Gallery Illustrations needed to show how art galleries could promote that more information was available “On the Physical Web” whenever visitors saw the Physical Web logo with a work of art.

Beacons & Beer Illustrations

Want to get a couple of hundred techies to show up for a seminar about Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology? Beer works every time. These illustrations were used to promote Nashville, Chicago, and Ontario events.

Dataswift Data Certification Badges

Dataswift’s Rating Assurance and Certification sets standards for third-party apps built to integrate with their platform. A “letter grades” combo ranks the app’s trustworthiness in collecting and managing the data.

iSight Migration Illustrations

Starting with a base set of icons provided by iSight, I rearranged (and re-drew some) to represent portions of their migration process.

Lobby CRE Charts & Graphs

Lobby CRE wanted a differentiator. Something to reinforce the fact that their data was clean, unique, and customized for their properties’ local markets.

Oktoberfest Beer Illustration

In all honesty, I haven’t had a drink in many years. But I can’t say I wasn’t tempted after working on this illustration for Nashville’s Oktoberfest app signage.

Kimedics Illustrations

Kimedics requested custom illustrations representing different functions within their platform to be used online and in sales collateral.

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