Chris Blanz

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, & Product UX/UI

I design user-friendly websites and SaaS products that inform, instruct, and inspire. 

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Sam The Cooking Guy Website

Sam’s 3.6 million+ YouTube subscribers didn’t want to be limited by categories or keywords. I designed and developed his new website in Webflow so Sam can easily add new recipes with high res photos and videos. Plus, visitors can now quickly search and find anything in his 1,800+ recipe catalog.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

CPG Digital Website

As a startup, the logo was the closest thing CPG Digital had to brand standards at the time. I organized the content, wrote the copy, designed the web/brand standards, and developed this small responsive site in Webflow.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Kimedics Schedule Screens

Kimedics helps healthcare organizations manage and collaborate with providers, operators, and vendors. They needed a scheduler that could accommodate the multiple views that different user types required.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Perception Health Logos, Taglines, & Descriptors

Building from parts of an old logo, I was tasked to refine the company’s overall brand, including the existing SaaS product identities.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Beacons & Eggs Illustrations

Take a D1 Beacon from BKON, add one Tennessee pasture-raised, organic egg, and you get an odd monstrosity perfect for promoting a breakfast seminar about Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Perception Health Website

If Perception Health was going to get attention from a healthcare system often seen as driven by the status quo, they needed to have a clear message delivered with some profound impact.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Physical Web Gallery Illustrations needed to show how art galleries could promote that more information was available “On the Physical Web” whenever visitors saw the Physical Web logo with a work of art.

Preview Image of Project Designed by Chris Blanz

Lobby CRE Platform UX/UI

Lobby CRE's users needed an “at-a-glance” performance overview of their portfolio of properties and the ability to drill into the details. They also needed intuitive tools that helped them easily calculate and evaluate risk scenarios.

Experience & Recognition

I have been honored to receive some nice accolades, including 75+ American Advertising Federation Addy awards, 50+ American Graphic Design Awards, 5 AIGA CASE Awards, and a Telly – while working with some of the world’s most well-known brands. You can learn more in the About section or on LinkedIn.

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"He achieves at a consistently high level, no matter what skills the day’s challenges call for [and] manages to remain insightful, funny, empathetic, and unfailingly optimistic."
Michael Dukes
Copywriter | Creative Director
"His enthusiasm for creating and telling the story about a new business or venture is infectious... I found Chris to be a pragmatic business partner, reliable, loyal and honest."
Tim Choate
President/CEO & Tech Entrepreneur
“Others may try to bamboozle you with fancy geek talk. But it’s not about what they say; it’s about what they do. Chris gets it; he makes it happen—in the greatest, most comfortable way ever.”
Sam Zien
YouTuber | Restaurateur | Cookbook Author
“He ranks as one of the most creative, down-to-earth, results-obsessive people I’ve ever met in my 20+ years in the field of marketing.”
Mark Newsom
Chairman & CEO
“Chris’ attention to detail and ability to design high-quality, well-thought-through assets and specs made feature development for our mobile team smooth and reasoned.”
Bob Rochford
Manager, Technical Product Innovation
"Chris has that rare ability to grasp important concepts, break them down into digestible pieces, and create simple yet elegant content and visuals..."
Page Thompson
Senior Sales Executive

Creative Direction

Marketing is a mix of message, image, and timing. Branding is all about consistency. I can help your team align with a clear message, unified voice, and uniform delivery.

Align your marketing and ads with a clear message, a unified voice, and consistent delivery.

Graphic Design

I have a wide breadth of experience designing sales support across a wide variety of industries – for web, mobile, video, print, and sales/investor presentations.

Web, mobile, video, print, and sales/investor decks... true multi-media.

Product UX & UI

I can help your team discover untapped opportunities and identify product refinements that offer genuine benefits for your customers and a strong ROI.

Product refinements that offer genuine benefits for your customers and a strong ROI.

How can I help you?

My brain is wired to find order in the chaos. Call it a superpower if you like. I’m inspired by the process, and I love a good challenge. How can I help you?