Product UX/UI

Kimedics Schedule Screens

Kimedics helps healthcare organizations manage and collaborate with providers, operators, and vendors. They needed a scheduler that could accommodate the multiple views that different user types required.

Lobby CRE Platform UX/UI

Lobby CRE's users needed an “at-a-glance” performance overview of their portfolio of properties and the ability to drill into the details. They also needed intuitive tools that helped them easily calculate and evaluate risk scenarios.

Phy Platform Product UX/UI

The Phy Platform was designed to give marketers contextual control of what people see when they scan QR codes, NFC tags, web links, and Bluetooth beacons. They needed to make it easy for people to use it.

Dataswift Platform UX

Dataswift needed help creating a user-friendly process for a new user to sign up, add a new data connection, and then filter, view, and use the data collected.

RecruitTalk Platform UX/UI

RecruitTalk needed a user-friendly way for high school athletes and their families to record player stats. Recruiters and coaches needed something equally user-friendly to see progress over time and build a roster of potential recruits.

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