Dataswift Platform

Product Design and User Experience Design


People who live tech-centric lives, using online tools to interact with others, including businesses and their online services.


Create an easy-to-understand onboarding process, adding data from new “connections” to their accounts, and ways to view the data they gathered.


Dataswift had a usability issue. This brilliant team of academic researchers had created a new way for consumers to own the data created when they interacted with services online, but the experience was confusing.


Starting at the sign-up process, I designed the UX flow to be compliant with daunting EU privacy regulations (but friendly enough that users would not be too intimidated.)

Dataswift Platform UX

In the beginning, the platform was little more than a big data dump. There was not much utility for end-users. This changed with data filters that allowed users to organize and learn from the aggregated data they collected, stay notified of any issues via data audits, and maintain better control of how and where their personal data was shared.

Dataswift Platform UXDataswift Platform UXDataswift Platform UXDataswift Platform UXDataswift Platform UX

In addition to the UX you see above, I also designed the UX for a developer portal for companies and their engineering teams to help with GDPR compliance and security through plug-and-play identity and authentication. (But that's another story.)

Dataswift Platform

Platform UI Standards
Regarding the UI, I was asked to concentrate on the UX, but was also asked to recruit, interview, and select a UI designer. I was thrilled to meet Elle Cousins and feel privileged to have worked with her.