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Identity Design, Product Design, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design


Retail marketing agencies and their clients, including brand managers and their employees.


Provide a quick and intuitive way to create and manage inbound proximity marketing messaging.


Built on the foundation of the Physical Web, Phy is a modular CMS for QR codes, NFC tags, web links, and Physical Web beacons. It gives marketers remote and full contextual control of their inbound proximity campaigns. From the company identity and supporting graphics, to the design of the platform’s features and functions, I was deeply involved in marketing and product development.

Phy Platform Logo
End-user Experience

Regardless of the scanner that’s used, Phy gives end-users a more compelling and engaging experience when they scan. Rather than a single “auto connect,” users can to choose from multiple options. Marketers use the platform to control those options.

Phy Multi-Acton QR Scanning
Planning the User Experience

At a very high level, the Phy platform was designed to create, edit, and remove select content associated with individual QR codes, NFC tags, beacons, and web links (touchpoints). It also needed to help multiple user types in each account manage and measure scheduled updates for multiple actions on each touchpoint.

Starting at the whiteboard, I mapped out multiple iterations, each of them becoming more refined before moving on to low-fidelity mockups. Ultimately, high fidelity comps for each page spelled out detailed instructions for the development team regarding function and form.

Phy Platform WireframesPhy Platform Wireframe Overview
Modular Elements

Since the platform is ever-evolving, I designed modular elements that the developers could reuse.

Phy Platform MetricsPhy Platform Metrics Charts
Phy Platform Tools
Phy Platform Metrics Small
Phy Metrics Dashboard Selector