RecruitTalk v2.0

Product Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Illustration


Primary: High school athletes.
Secondary: The athletes’ families, supporters, and coaches.


Show athletes the necessity of tracking their progress so they can get noticed by recruiters.


Unbridled natural talent is amazing to watch, but sometimes that wild talent is hard to manage. Instead of looking for who ran the most yards or had the most hits, recruiters are looking for coachable athletes with consistent growth over time. That’s the concept behind RecruitTalk. Think of it as a LinkedIn for high schoolers to build their very own sports resume.

I worked with the management team as Creative Director to define the scope and refine the product's functions, user experience strategy, and v1 of the brand, then brought in the team at Lewis Communications to help refine the overall voice and logo. Once established, I built from that base, providing copywriting, user interface design, and graphic design.

RecruitTalk Website
Product UX

From baseball and basketball to field hockey and fencing, the site had to accommodate all kinds of different stats. Plus, some kids play multiple sports each season. Keeping everything organized needed to be simple for the student, as well as their supporters.

We were operating under a tight timeframe, so rather than building each page, I built one big graphic standards document that took into account each field in every form, with drop downs, pop-ups, modals, buttons, and alerts we could think of, then shared these files and detailed notes with the development team.

RecruitTalk Platform