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“He’s extremely easy to talk to, which makes project related communication a breeze... To say that I would work with him again is a ridiculous understatement.”
Seth Whiting
React & React Native Developer
“...has an amazing talent for understanding exactly what users need, [then] translate their need into design elements that [trigger] interaction and positively represent the brand”
Chip Gallent
Entrepreneur & Executive Coach
“Chris Blanz is one of my favorite thinkers, period. He is a seeker of what’s next, a great thinking partner, and one heck of a great person to hang around.”
Mark Montgomery
Entrepreneur | Investor | Strategic Advisor | Educator
“Chris has an enthusiasm for his work that is infectious. He is very passionate about solving clients’ problems and is extremely honest and trustworthy.”
Deke Smith
Senior Technical Account Manager
“Chris’s innovative ideas [and] approachable nature, make collaborating with him a breeze. Opting to hire him will undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make.”
David Goldstein
Founder & Creator of Opportunities
“His smart, thoughtful, creative approach; his friendly, easy-going style; and his ability to get the job done make it easy for me to endorse him wholeheartedly.”
David Mann
Creative Director | Copywriter
"His ability to craft truly unique insights, skillfully manage the creative and branding process, and then deliver results is a very rare combination... and a true team player."
Bill Brennan
Angel Investor | Entrepreneur
“One could not ask for a better partner. Through every phase and trial of a startup, Chris is a leader and a contributor.”
“He ranks as one of the most creative, down-to-earth, results-obsessive people I’ve ever met in my 20+ years in the field of marketing.”
Mark Newsom
Chairman & CEO
"He achieves at a consistently high level, no matter what skills the day’s challenges call for [and] manages to remain insightful, funny, empathetic, and unfailingly optimistic."
Michael Dukes
Copywriter | Creative Director
"Chris can do, few can match. The one inspirational design idea, the one core concept that floats an entire project...that is what Chris can do."
Steve Curnutte
CEO | Chief Restructuring Officer
"Chris has that rare ability to grasp important concepts, break them down into digestible pieces, and create simple yet elegant content and visuals..."
Page Thompson
Senior Sales Executive
"His enthusiasm for creating and telling the story about a new business or venture is infectious... I found Chris to be a pragmatic business partner, reliable, loyal and honest."
Tim Choate
President/CEO & Tech Entrepreneur
“Chris’ attention to detail and ability to design high-quality, well-thought-through assets and specs made feature development for our mobile team smooth and reasoned.”
Bob Rochford
Manager, Technical Product Innovation