KaraoQ Investor Pitch

Creative Direction, Copywriting, and Pitch Presentation Design


Primary: Investors
Secondary: Venue Owners


Help investors overcome their preconceived notions of what karaoke means to people and show that it can be a profitable investment.


I worked with the KaraoQ team when they were going through the Project Music accelerator at the Entrepreneur Center in Nashville. As a copywriter, designer, and pitch coach, I helped them prepare for a live pitch competition in Nashville’s world-famous CMA Theater in front of an audience of music industry executives and investors. 

The Pitch 

Michael is already a super-confident presenter. What he needed was a presentation that matched his swagger. Still, it also needed to grab the audience's attention and reshape any preconceived notions they had about the legitimate business case for a better karaoke experience.

“For three minutes on stage, a mother of four can feel like Madonna. For three minutes, accountants become superstars. It‘s an escape from the everyday. While others... well, they have their own motivations.” With these three little case studies, coupled with some compelling stock photos, we grabbed people‘s attention. The little laugh on the “Escape” slide helped too. Anyone checking their phone at that time was pulled back in to take notice.

The Pitch Deck Transitions

This video shows the deck‘s transitions. There‘s no audio.