Smile Care Club Launch

Creative Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Packaging, Photography, and Illustration


A portion of the 70% of people in the USA who have mild to moderate malocclusion (crooked teeth).


To show that getting a straighter smile, without braces, is easier and more affordable than ever before.

Before the Name Change

Long before the name change to Smile Direct, the founding team of Smile Care Club asked me to help craft a brand and tell the story of a startup with big potential to revolutionize the practice of straightening smiles… through mail order

From the investor pitches and consumer ads to the patient evaluation and impressions processes, and the eventual product delivery, my role was all-inclusive. I was deeply involved in the launch of this incredibly successful product, creating everything from the initial brand messaging that included copywriting, photography, illustration, package design, and online product development for their assessment process. 

Shortly after launch, the parent company of their biggest competitor (Invisalign) bought a 19% stake, agreeing to become their primary manufacturer.

Identity Exploration

We explored several names and lots of different looks for the brand, but they wound up keeping the original name for the launch with a color scheme that mimicked popular nursing scrub colors.

The Pre-Pitch

There are pitch decks you use to keep people's attention while you're presenting. Then there are decks you send before a meeting. This is one of those send-ahead decks. Something that gives the viewer a good idea of what the pitch is about, but leaves key questions unanswered... on purpose. This was originally sent as a PDF.

Smile Assessment and Photo Assessment User Experiences

I was asked to design the web user experience for the assessment process (for desktop only). What was a complex “conversation” between an assessor and the customer, needed to be broken down into simple steps that anyone could follow.

The “Smile Assessment” was the first step. Simple questions to determine if the customer was a good fit for the service. If they were a good fit, the next step was a “Photo Assessment” that required a series of photos to be uploaded so an on-staff orthodontist could review them.

The Website

Intentionally minimal at this phase of the startup, the site included lists of benefits, more information about the process, product pricing, support, and orthodontist recruiting.

Impressions Instructions

Because of the high potential for mistakes when making the impressions, it was critical that we make the process as simple as possible while making the instructions clear and easy to follow. Once the customer was deemed to be "a good candidate," an impressions kit was sent containing impressions trays, putty base and catalyst, a questionnaire, a return label and these specific instructions.

Aligners Instructions

Once aligners were ready, they were shipped in a similar package, along with a welcome message, and these very specific use and care instructions.